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Acidic facial cleansing is popular. In skinstars online store – effective facial cleansing products with acids. Deep skin cleansing.

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Global pell solution 50 ml pH 4

Lactic cleansing solution 50% pieno rūgšties valomasis tirpalas

Glycolic exfoliating solution 50% pH 4

Ácido Kójico- Kojinė rūgštis 30 ml

Ácido Láctico- Pieno rūgštis 30 ml

Ácido Pirúvico- Piruvinė rūgštis 30 ml

Ácido Mandélico- Migdolų rūgštis 30ml

Acido Glicolico 30 ml

KEMIKUM-peeling biorevitalizer 6ml

BeautyLab SPECIAL GlycoWash 5% 200ml


SkinClinic FERULAST- Regenerating Anti-Aging Facial Serum 30 ml