Desk Lamp Glow MX3 Black


The “GLOW” brand specializes in professional lighting systems designed to enhance the quality of services in beauty salons.

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Desk Lamp Glow MX3 Black.

Introducing the Glow MX3 desk lamp in sleek black.

The “GLOW” brand specializes in professional lighting systems designed to enhance the quality of services in beauty salons and medical facilities. Our product range includes a wide selection of specialized lamps, including UV lamps and treatment lamps, essential for precision work.

Perfect Illumination for Beauty Procedures

The Glow MX3 desk lamp, with its unique arc-shaped head, offers exceptional illumination for precision-demanding procedures. It’s the ideal choice for various specialized settings where proper lighting significantly impacts service quality, such as eyelash extensions, nail art, tattooing, beauty treatments, or makeup applications. It also proves invaluable for photography and video recording.

Intriguing Design Meets High Functionality

The lamp’s characteristic crescent-shaped head combines intriguing design with high functionality. The precisely curved head filled with LED diodes ensures shadow-free illumination of the treatment area, guaranteeing client comfort. It’s also perfect for capturing detailed photos of procedure results. The translucent panel diffuses light, preventing eye strain. With adjustable color and light intensity settings, you can achieve accurate color reproduction while reducing eye fatigue during extended work sessions. Plus, the lamp’s swivel head offers a wide range of movement, allowing you to optimize lighting for each service.

Easily Adjustable Tripod Design

The tripod’s position can be effortlessly adjusted using three joints on the arm, with stiffness controlled using an Allen key. This flexibility ensures you can adapt the lamp’s position to suit your individual needs and the specific service you’re providing, ensuring excellent workplace illumination. The remote control, conveniently located on the cable, allows gradual adjustments to both color temperature (with three levels: cold, neutral, and warm) and light intensity (with eleven levels). This provides ample room for tailoring lighting to your preferences. Additionally, the lamp’s mobile head and fully rotatable tripod arm offer significant convenience.

Convenient Work Documentation

Included in the package is a phone holder that simplifies the aesthetic documentation of your work and stabilizes your frame. The holder attaches to the lamp head, offering adjustment for bend and position. It also allows you to capture videos while performing services, diversifying your social media content. Thanks to its wide clamp adjustment, it accommodates various phone models.

Modern Design and Functionality

The lamp’s minimalist design in classic black complements virtually any interior. The matte finish and red elements on the joints add an elegant touch. Easy installation on countertops is made possible by the vice-like handle, which can open up to 6 cm wide, suitable for most surfaces. Detailed dimensions can be found in the provided photos.

Important Note

Before using the lamp, please carefully read the instructions and ensure proper installation.

Package Contents:

  • Lamp
  • Power supply and power cord
  • Frame elements with base
  • Instructions
  • Phone holder
  • Assembly kit


  • Input voltage: 220-240 V
  • Power consumption: 20 W
  • Light color: 3000/4500/6000 K
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index): RA > 90
  • Light flux: 1800 LM
  • Frame color: Various shades of black
  • Warranty: 12 months
Additional information

Additional information

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