Hairdresser trolley Gabbiano X11-9 White


The Hairdresser Trolley Gabbiano X11-9 in white is an excellent choice for a modern beauty salon.

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Hairdresser trolley Gabbiano X11-9 White

The Hairdresser Trolley Gabbiano X11-9 in white is an excellent choice for a modern beauty salon. Known for producing quality furniture for hairdressing and beauty salons, GABBIANO offers this trolley, which stands out for its durability and functionality.

Durability and Stylish Design

The trolley’s structure is made from high-quality ABS plastic with a steel frame construction, ensuring long-lasting use and stability. It reaches a height of 90 cm, providing ample space to store various work tools. Although the trolley does not have a specific holder for a hairdryer, its space is sufficiently adaptable for storing many other beauty tools.

Mobility and Convenient Design

The mobility of the trolley is guaranteed by high-quality, durable rubber wheels, which allow for easy maneuvering even in the tightest spaces of the salon. This trolley is ideal for various procedures, as it keeps essential tools readily available, thus enhancing work efficiency.

Aesthetic Adaptability

The combination of white and black not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also easily matches various interior styles. The contemporary design of the trolley brings a sense of cleanliness and order, which is crucial for the atmosphere of any beauty salon.

The Gabbiano X11-9 Hairdresser Trolley is a practical, aesthetic, and functional choice that ensures smooth operation in the beauty salon. It is perfectly suited for professionals who value quality, convenience, and style in their work environment.

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