Led lamp 6028 60


The 6028 60 LED lamp is an excellent lighting solution for professionals in beauty, dental, and veterinary sectors.

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Led lamp 6028 60

The 6028 60 LED lamp is an energy-efficient lighting solution designed for a range of professional applications. Equipped with long-lasting LED bulbs, capable of approximately 40,000 working hours, it offers exceptional illumination for detailed work.

Perfect for detailed and delicate tasks

This lamp is particularly useful for tasks that require precision and clarity, such as manicure and pedicure services, permanent makeup application, and hair removal. Its ability to enlarge the skin and provide excellent lighting makes it an essential tool for professionals in these fields.

Designed for comfort and versatility

One of the key benefits of the 6028 60 LED lamp is its anti-reflective glass, which minimizes eye strain and discomfort during extended use. This makes it an ideal choice for professionals who spend long hours working on detailed tasks.

Ideal for a variety of professional environments

The lamp is well-suited for use in cosmetic, dental, and veterinary settings, where precise and reliable lighting is crucial. Its versatile design and high-quality illumination make it a valuable asset in various professional environments.

What’s included in the set

  • The set comes with a cosmetic lip lamp, enhancing visibility for detailed cosmetic work.
  • A lamp stand is included for stable and adjustable positioning.
  • A power cord is provided for easy and convenient power connectivity.

Technical specifications for optimal oerformance

  • The lamp features 60 LEDs, offering two levels of brightness: 400 and 820 lumens, to suit different lighting needs.
  • The color temperature is 6500K, providing a bright and clear light that’s ideal for tasks requiring accurate color perception.
  • Operates on a voltage of 220-240V and has a power consumption of 5/10W, making it energy-efficient.

The 6028 60 LED lamp is an excellent lighting solution for professionals in beauty, dental, and veterinary sectors. Its energy efficiency, comfortable lighting, and magnification capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of precision activities. Whether for beauty treatments, dental procedures, or veterinary examinations, this lamp provides the necessary illumination to enhance the quality and comfort of professional work. Its user-friendly design and technical features make it a practical and effective choice for various professional settings.

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