Led lamp GLOW MX6 black color


The GLOW brand is professional lighting that improves service performance in both beauty salons and medical offices.



Led lamp GLOW MX6 black color.

The GLOW brand is professional lighting that improves service performance in both beauty salons and medical offices. Cosmetology lamp does not leave shadows during work.
The GLOW procedure lamp with a unique arc-shaped head provides excellent illumination during procedures that require precision. It will work well in all specialized offices, where the right light can greatly affect the quality of service. Perfect for eyelash extensions or thickening, tattoos, beauty treatments or make-up, it will also be useful for photography or filming.

Swivel, curved head

The characteristic shape of the lamp head is not only an interesting design, but also a high functionality. The wide, specially curved profile, filled with LEDs, ensures shadow-free illumination of the procedure area and guarantees comfort during services. It’s also great for effect photos, exposing
them accurately. The semi-transparent surface of the plate diffuses the light, so the lamp does not dazzle the eyes. Thanks to the appropriate parameters and the ability to adjust the color and light intensity, the lamp perfectly reproduces the visible colors, so it does not tire the eyes even during long use. In addition, the rotating head with a wide range of motion allows you to optimally set the lighting according to your preferences.

Convenience to share work results

The set includes a phone holder that allows you to aesthetically document the results of the work, ensuring the stability of the frame. It allows you to record videos during the service as well, so that you can later share the recordings on social networks. The handle can be placed in different places on the tripod, so you can get a variety of interesting shots. Due to the wide adjustment of the clip, it will work with most phone models.
A useful solution for mobile services The lamp is easy to assemble and ready to use in just a few moments after unpacking. A special cover with an insulating layer ensures comfort when
wearing it. Two internal Velcro pockets allow for easy packing of equipment and protection of kit items from damage during transport. This
facilitates the use of equipment in mobile services.

Elegant design and functionality

The simple shape and modern, minimalist style of the classic white frame will make the floor lamp look great in almost any interior. The solid, flat base allows for convenient positioning of the lighting in the workplace.

More detailed dimensions are given in the photo.
Attention. Please read the instructions carefully before use and assemble the product properly.
The package includes: bulb, power and power cable, frame elements with base, instructions, phone holder, wireless remote control, cover.

Technical parameters of the cosmetic lamp GLOW:

Input voltage: 110-240V
Power: 36W
Light color: 3200-5600K
CRI: RA > 90
Luminous flux: 2800 LM
Frame color: white shades


Additional information

Additional information

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