Hand Treatment Cream


Rich in ingredients.
Nadine Salembier



Protects – Restores – Cleanses – Reduces pigmentation.
• Rich in ingredients.
Absorbs quickly.
• Ingredients: Apricot – softens, brightens and tones. Calendula – anti-inflammatory and astringent effect. Wheat germ – antioxidant, restores and protects against UV effects. Birch – stimulates cell regeneration
and slows down the aging process. Heather – moisturizes and regenerates. Yarrow – soothes and reduces redness. Milk – reduces moles and soothes irritations. Orphans – soothes irritations. Sunflower – softens and moisturizes. Rosemary – protects against the aggressive effects of the environment. Lemon – brightens and cleans.

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