SkinClinic Activ-Plus day Cream 50ml.

Activ-Plus Day Cream: Your Ultimate Daytime Anti-Aging Solution

Indications: Activ-Plus Day Cream is a remarkable daytime anti-aging shock treatment for your face. It is specifically formulated to prevent oxidative stress caused by free radicals and effectively reduce wrinkles, resulting in improved skin texture.

Experience the Benefits of Activ-Plus Day Cream

Benefits: This advanced cream is infused with the latest and most effective anti-aging ingredients, working synergistically to diminish wrinkles, expression lines, small age spots, and other imperfections. Within just one week of regular use, you will witness its regenerating effect on your skin.

Easy Application for Visible Results

How to use: To experience optimal results, apply Activ-Plus Day Cream on your face, neck, and décolletage during the day. Gently massage the cream into your skin, allowing it to absorb fully. It can also be worn under your foundation, seamlessly integrating into your daily skincare routine. For comprehensive anti-aging effects, combine it with Activ-Plus Night Cream.

Potent Active Ingredients for Youthful Skin

Actives: Activ-Plus Day Cream features a potent blend of key active ingredients, including Q-10 Coenzyme, Superoxide Dismutase, Matrixyl 3000®, Soy Liposome Isoflavones, Alpha-Bisabolol, Witch Hazel, Liquorice Extract, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E. These powerful components work together to nourish and protect your skin, combating the signs of aging effectively.

Embrace Radiant Skin with Activ-Plus Day Cream

Make Activ-Plus Day Cream an essential part of your daily skincare regimen and revel in its remarkable effects. With its cutting-edge formula and proven results, you can confidently face the day, knowing that your skin is protected and rejuvenated.

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