SkinClinic DRY-SET- Special cosmetic for sweating hands 50ml


SkinClinic DRY-SET

Dry-Set: Say Goodbye to Excessive Sweating. Ideal for sports people.

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SkinClinic DRY-SET.

Dry-Set: Say Goodbye to Excessive Sweating

Are you tired of dealing with sweaty palms caused by physical exertion, stress, or hyperhidrosis? Look no further than Dry-Set, the solution to your problem! This innovative product is specifically designed to prevent excessive sweating, providing you with a dry and comfortable sensation.

Benefits of Dry-Set

Dry-Set offers a range of benefits that will make your life much easier. It contains cosmetic ingredients that create a dry sensation, effectively combating sweaty palms. Whether you’re engaging in intense physical activities or experiencing stressful situations, Dry-Set will help keep your hands dry and comfortable.

Ideal for Sports Enthusiasts

If you’re an active individual who loves to engage in sports, Dry-Set is the perfect companion for you. Its unique formula is specially designed to withstand the demands of physical exercise, ensuring that your hands stay dry and your grip remains firm. Say goodbye to slippery hands and hello to improved performance!

Aluminium and Magnesium Free, Paraben-Free

We understand the importance of using safe and reliable products on your skin. That’s why Dry-Set is formulated without the use of aluminium or magnesium, two common ingredients found in antiperspirants that may cause skin irritation. Additionally, it is paraben-free, ensuring that you can use it with peace of mind.

How to Use Dry-Set

Using Dry-Set is quick and easy. Simply apply a generous amount, approximately 2-2.5 ml, onto the palm of your hands. Rub the product well into the skin, ensuring thorough coverage. Allow it to dry for a few seconds, and you’re good to go! You can apply it as often as needed throughout the day to maintain dryness and comfort.

Take Control of Excessive Sweating

Don’t let excessive sweating get in the way of your daily activities. With Dry-Set, you can regain control over your hands’ sweat production and enjoy a dry and confident grip. Its effective formula and easy application make it the perfect solution for those who struggle with sweaty palms. Try Dry-Set today and experience the comfort and confidence you deserve!

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