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SkinClinic Hot and cold massage cream 1000ml

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SkinClinic Hot and cold massage cream.

Creates a sensation of heat and cold on the skin and help improve the effect of the massage.

Volume: 1000ml.




SkinClinic Hot and cold massage cream.

SkinClinic Hot and Cold Massage Cream is a versatile product designed for a refreshing and invigorating massage experience. This cream is suitable for massaging the limbs and arms, or any other area where you desire a changeable thermal sensation.

Benefits of the Cream

The cream contains cosmetic ingredients that create a unique hot-cold effect on the skin, enhancing the benefits of the massage. By using this cream, you can optimize the effects of your massage routine and achieve improved results.

How to Use

To use the SkinClinic Hot and Cold Massage Cream, simply apply it by massaging the desired area once or twice a day. Additionally, you can use it as a pre-warming cream before starting your massage.

Powerful Actives

The cream is formulated with various active ingredients, including camphor, turpentine, menthol, and rosemary essence. These components, along with clove and cayeput essence and glycerine, work together to provide a stimulating and revitalizing sensation during the massage.

Elevate Your Massage Experience

With the SkinClinic Hot and Cold Massage Cream, you can elevate your massage experience and enjoy the benefits of its unique formula. Try it today to feel the invigorating effects on your skin and enhance the effectiveness of your massage routine.

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