SkinClinic Travel kit for mixed-oily facial skin.

Introducing the SkinClinic Travel Kit – specially designed for those with combination to oily skin types. This kit is perfect for your vacation travels, being compact and convenient for fitting into your carry-on or simply for trying out SkinClinic’s skincare products. Each individual container holds no more than 100ml of product and comes in a transparent resealable bag for easy security checks.

Let’s take a closer look at the products included in the kit:

  1. Nutrisyl 5 ml – This nourishing and firming cream provides your skin with essential nutrients, keeping it healthy and supple throughout your journey.
  2. Glicosyl 5 ml – A night moisturizer specifically designed for acne-prone skin, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and revitalized, even during your adventures.
  3. Zalyc Serum 2 ml – This anti-aging serum not only helps combat signs of aging but also acts as an additional regulator for excess oil, perfect for daily use during your trip.
  4. ANTIAGING FITO-C SPF 15 2ml – An essential serum enriched with Fitoproteoglycans, providing both anti-aging benefits and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
  5. Espuma Limpiadora 50 ml – An effective makeup remover suitable for all skin types, ensuring your skin stays fresh and clean after a day of exploration.
  6. Clay-Pure Mask 5 ml – Specifically formulated for combination, oily, and acne-prone skin, this sebum-regulating mask will keep your skin balanced and clear during your travels.

With the SkinClinic Travel Kit, you can maintain your skincare routine even while on the go. Keep your skin looking radiant and healthy throughout your vacation with these travel-friendly skincare essentials. Enjoy your trip with the confidence that your skin is well taken care of, no matter where your adventures take you!


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