SkinClinic Vitamin C 20% Ampoule 5 ml


SkinClinic Vitamin C 20% Ampoule 5 ml.

Vitamin C 20%: Powerful Anti-Aging and Melasma Treatment


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SkinClinic Vitamin C 20% Ampoule 5 ml.

SkinClinic Vitamin C 20%: Powerful Anti-Aging and Melasma Treatment

Indications: Anti-aging, melasma, and anti-hair loss.

Benefits of SkinClinic Vitamin C 20%

SkinClinic Vitamin C 20% contains Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin renowned for its potent antioxidant and antiradical properties. When applied topically, Vitamin C has been proven to offer photoprotective activity, effectively preventing the aging process caused by sun exposure. Additionally, Vitamin C exhibits anti-tyrosine activity, which inhibits melanogenesis and helps prevent the occurrence of skin melasma.

How to Use SkinClinic Vitamin C 20%

To experience the benefits of SkinClinic Vitamin C 20%, apply it topically. Gently massage the product into the skin for optimal absorption. For enhanced effectiveness, consider using it alongside cosmetic technology equipment such as electrophoresis, iontophoresis, transdermal mesotherapy electroporation, radiofrequency, and other advanced techniques.

Key Active Ingredient: 20% Ascorbic Acid

The key active ingredient in SkinClinic Vitamin C 20% is 20% Ascorbic Acid, which provides the desired concentration of Vitamin C for maximum efficacy. This potent ingredient delivers antioxidant protection and anti-aging benefits, helping to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also aids in inhibiting melanogenesis, preventing melasma and promoting a more even skin tone.

Experience the Power of SkinClinic Vitamin C 20%

By incorporating SkinClinic Vitamin C 20% into your skincare routine, you can benefit from its high concentration of Ascorbic Acid to combat aging signs, melasma, and promote a healthier complexion. Follow the instructions for use and consider utilizing cosmetic technologies for enhanced results. SkinClinic Vitamin C 20% provides a powerful solution for anti-aging and melasma treatment, helping you achieve a more youthful and even-toned appearance.