Ring lamp 18′ LED 48W white


The 18′ LED 48W white ring lamp is a vital tool for professionals in photography, videography, and beauty industries.

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Ring lamp 18′ LED 48W white.

The 18′ LED 48W white ring lamp is a multifunctional lighting tool designed for a variety of professional applications including photography, filming, and beauty treatments. This lamp offers adjustable lighting options and is equipped with features that make it ideal for users requiring control and quality in their lighting environment.

Enhanced lighting for quality work

Ideal for tasks requiring consistent and adaptable lighting, such as makeup application, photography, and video production, the ring shape of the lamp provides even lighting that reduces shadows and enhances the subject’s appearance.

Technical specifications for optimal lighting

  • Power of 48W, providing bright and effective illumination.
  • Colour temperature set at 5500 K, mimicking natural daylight for accurate color representation.
  • Light intensity control allows for custom lighting setups according to specific needs.
  • Light color adjustment for achieving various lighting effects.
  • A phone holder included, catering to content creators and professionals using phones for their work.
  • The lamp has an 18-inch diameter, offering a wide range of light coverage.
  • Weighing 3.5 kg, it combines stability with ease of handling.

Practical components and accessories

  • Equipped with 480 LED bulbs for consistent and bright lighting.
  • An adjustable tripod with a maximum height of 185 cm, providing flexibility in lighting angles and positioning.
  • A carrying case for easy transport and protection of the lamp, suitable for mobile photographers or makeup artists.
  • Built-in diffuser softens the light, reducing glare and creating a natural, flattering effect.

The 18′ LED 48W white ring lamp is a vital tool for professionals in photography, videography, and beauty industries. Its powerful lighting, adjustable features, and additional components such as the phone holder and carrying case, make it a comprehensive lighting solution for various needs. Whether used for content creation, professional photo shoots, or beauty applications, this ring lamp ensures high-quality lighting for exceptional results. Its user-friendly design and technical features make it a practical and versatile choice for diverse professional settings.


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Additional information

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